automates web vulnerability scanning and is targeted at companies that build online services.

Companies can cost effectively request scans of web applications and manage the lifecycle of the vulnerabilities found in a sleek and intuitive web interface.

Reduced False Positives

We cross-check findings with specific tools to confirm them, in a funnel effect.

We use heuristic knowledge and Machine Learning to improve accuracy of the findings.

Better Vulnerability Detection

Advanced Fingerprinting module to recognize popular Web Applications.

Scanning Modules allow us to run specific modules to target a specific Web Application.

Open Platform

Every single feature is provided through an API.

Easy integration with Continuous Integration (CI) tools, to enhance automated testing and QA procedures.

Reduced Costs

We speak the same language as developers, so the details of the vulnerabilities and how to fix them always have developers in mind. As a result, our customers can bypass the need to hire expensive security consultants.

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